Who We Are ?



 We are the world’s leading virtual reality language platform. We link teachers and students in virtual reality environments, fostering immersion and accelerating second language acquisition like no other language product on the market. 


 We have all experienced the ineffectiveness of rote memorization, textbooks, and out-of-context language learning. Our VR platform provides a distraction-free, fully-immersive environment enabling students to perform relevant tasks and role play conversations with a live teacher in virtual authentic scenarios. Our platform equips instructors to host students through dynamic immersion experiences using an interactive and intuitive desktop application. 



Immerse is built on this simple truth - immersion is the most effective and natural way to learn a language. Combining the research-backed method of immersive teaching with filter-reducing virtual environments results in the best possible online language-learning experience.

The Immersive method revolutionizes language-learning in four major ways:

  1. The power of accessibility. It is the first tool making immersion available to all learners, of any skill level, located anywhere in the world.
  2. The power of presence. For the first time, learners are able to remotely experience a true sense of presence by embodying an avatar with the ability to explore and interact with the virtual environment.
  3. The power of facilitation. Effective language practice is strongly correlated to the quality of the instructor hosting the lesson, and most times instructors are stale and uninspiring. Our instructor training quickly transforms presentation speakers into dynamic immersive adventure guides that are able to captivate their students.
  4. The power of confidence. Far too often people attempt to speak in a foreign language context and are left mumbling, crippled with anxiety. Immersive training empowers learners to overcome fear of failure and successfully perform the communicative tasks that are most important to them.


  1. Is VR safe for my eyes?
    A: The short answer is yes: VR headsets are safe for your eyes. Your eyes can confidently handle the brightness, and you don’t have to worry about peripheral distortion if you take breaks after each lesson. 
  2.  Who is Immerse for?
    A: Immerse is for anyone interested in accelerating their English language proficiency and improving their oral communication skills. It doesn't matter how old you are, we have both curriculum and instructors capable of meeting your needs. 
  3. Who are your instructors?  
    A: Our instructors are experts in English language and communication who are committed to helping you achieve proficiency. All of them have bachelors degrees or higher and many of them hold advanced teaching credentials. 
  4. Do I have to own my own VR headset?
    A: No, you do not need to own your own VR headset. We will provide VR headset to your institute/company, so that you can access our language learning services. 
  5.  How much does it cost? And how do we get started  ?
    The costs depends on how many learners you have and how frequently you meet with our instructors. So get in contact with us and we can discuss what the price will be for you! 
  6. What about data security and malware protection for the oculus go?  
    A: User security is very important to Immerse. Because Immerse is a standalone application that only uses secure server-based networking solutions, we ensure a safe and effective solution for our clients. 
  7.   Why does Immerse use the Oculus Go instead of 6DOF (degrees of freedom)?  
    A: The Oculus Go’s simplicity, portability, affordability, and approachability make it the perfect headset to scale VR services within an organization. Without the need for additional sensor/space setup, organizations can truly take advantage of Immerse’s social VR features without requiring large dedicated VR rooms. With an intuitive and simple controller, the on boarding of new participants is incredibly fast and easy so they can spend more time training and less time struggling to figure out the controls.