120 Hours TESOL / TEFL Certification

A 28 days in-class OR a 60 Days Online Course,  Guaranteed To Convert You Into An international English Teacher

Course Features:

Foreign Language Experience

The trainee will complete a daily learning journal during the foreign language experience, culminating in a 500-word conclusion. The focus is upon critical reflection on the learning experience and useful insights for teaching.

Student Profile

Trainees work with individual students on rapport-building, error analysis, and correction and addressing individual student needs. Three meetings with the student are required including transcription and error analysis of audio and written samples, culminating in a 60-minute session observed by a trainer.

Language Awareness

• Grammar: Inputs cover word classes, simple sentence elements, complex sentences and clauses, verb time and tense, aspect and conditionals and modals, phrases, and voice.

Phonology: Covering phonemics, rhythm,  stress, intonation, place & manner of articulation and connected speech.

Course Features:

Teaching Techniques

Teaching techniques normally cover:

• approaches to language learning

• warmers and modeling

• controlled practice

• interactive boards

• lesson planning models – with peer teaching

• appropriate language and comprehensible input

• language in context – with peer teaching

• vocabulary: cotext and context

• communicative activities

• theater techniques

• textbook review and evaluation

• classroom management

• listening activities

• pronunciation activities

• songs and chants

• reading activities

• writing activities

• teaching young learners

• using video and CALL

• feedback and testing

Teaching Practice and Observation

Trainees complete

• 3 hours of observing experienced teachers

• 1 hour observing professionally developed video

• 12 hours of peer observation

• 1 hour of shared teaching practice

• 6 hours of individual teaching practice

Material’s Project

All trainees must develop two sets of materials used during the teaching practice. Each set must be durable, capable of being used for more than one lesson context, and easily portable. 

The materials may include visuals, audio or videotape, cue cards, and class handouts, but may not be photocopied from published sources. 

Trainees are required to adapt from commercial sources or develop original materials. The summation of this project is a presentation to the trainers on how the materials were used, how they could be improved, and how they might be used in another context.


What do these Acronyms Mean?


“Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages”

Teaching Englishworldwide from a North American perspective (worldwide)


"Teaching English as a Foreign Language”  

                       Teaching English in a non-native English speaking country                                 (i.e., Japan, Russia)


“Teaching English as a second language"

”Teaching English in a native English speaking country(i.e., Canada, USA)

What Are You Waiting For?

The English-teaching industry has evolved significantly over the past decade, and foreign language schools are becoming more selective when hiring new teachers. 
The number of qualified and experienced teachers has increased as well, making an iTTi TESOL Certification your most valuable asset.
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