Welcome to Vocademics

Greetings from Vocademics!

It gives me immense pleasure to launch this website for the use of every enlightened person on the globe. I passionately believe that knowledge and skills should not remain in the hands of a few people. Every eligible person should have the reach to this treasure. Leveling the ground is not an easy job, but one can and one should try to initiate. We have taken this initiation.

Our vision is to achieve the target of providing required training to each and every person who is eligible, willing, and enthusiastic. Our mission is to connect with all such people, who are deprived of such a facility only because they did not have money.

Vocademics is an initiative of great pride! We want to create an India, where every hand and brain has work. Nobody should be unemployed, because of the lack of certain skills. Not only during my abroad assignments but within our country also, I have noticed that highly qualified young men and women are not getting what they deserve, because they are lacking in certain skills.

We are here to help and support them at a very reasonable and affordable cost, which they can easily pay for their own growth. We are committed to providing what they need to achieve growth in their career.

Our pool of experts from all walks of life is our backbone behind this commitment. They are not doing this to make money, they are just providing services at a very reasonable price to fulfill their own commitment to return the society what they owe to it. Most of them not even willing to expose their names. We are thankful to them and salute their spirit.

I am sure, Vocademics will be able to attract the attention of all such young men and women who are willing to advance into their careers.

With best wishes

Dr. Trilok Sharma

About Vocademics

Training and development play an important role in the effectiveness of organizations and to the experiences of people in work. Training has implications for productivity at work and personal development. All organizations employing people need to train and develop their staff.

Most organizations are cognizant of this requirement and invest effort and other resources in training and development. Such investment can take the form of employing specialist training and development staff and paying salaries to staff undergoing training and development.

Investment in training and development entails obtaining and maintaining space and equipment. It also means that operational personnel, employed in the organization's main business functions, such as production, maintenance, sales, marketing, and management support, must also direct their attention and effort from time to time towards supporting training development and delivery.

This means they are required to give less attention to activities that are obviously more productive in terms of the organization's main business. However, investment in training and development is generally regarded as a good management practice to maintain appropriate expertise now and in the future.

 Vocademics is your one-stop solution for Academic and Vocational Trainings. 

Our specialties:

1. Knowledgeable team of professionals.

2. Complete client satisfaction.

3. Ethical Business Policies.

4. Affordable Pricing.

5. Reliable services

6. Easy payment mode.

7. Use of Advanced Technology.

8. We listen - We understand - We provide Solution

 Our major programs are:

A. TEFL/TESOL (Online/Offline)

B. OET Foundation Course

C. NLP Associate Certification.

D. Corporate Soft Skills.


F. Career Counselling

H. Motivational Workshops

I. Public Speaking

J. Mass Communication

K. How to Teach Online

L. English Speaking Courses