OET Bridge Course

Preparatory Course for OET Aspirants 

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OET Bridge Course

For assured success in OET

Do you need to take an Occupational English Test (OET) to work or study in healthcare in the UK, the US,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore, or Namibia? 

We help you prepare for that.

OET is a well-respected international English language test for the healthcare sector. Established in the late 1980s under contract to the Australian Federal Government, OET continues to remain relevant through continuous research and validation.

Program Objectives

Healthcare professionals like you are needed now more than ever, so improve your English with our online quizzes, word searches, and more. 

Practice your English skills

Build your confidence

Learn how to communicate effectively

Increase your chances of passing OET

Duration:  5 weeks

Option 1:  You may Sign up as an Online Student

Option 2:  You may reach to our center and attend classes

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Luxury Connect Business School
Luxury Connect Business School

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